Aunt Bessie’s

Aunt Bessie’s is part of the William Jackson Food Group – a family owned business whose roots in Hull stretch back over 150 years. However the history of Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings begins in 1974 when William Jackson’s started producing frozen Yorkshires for Butlins Holiday Camps. Then, in 1995, William Jackson’s started making Yorkshire Puddings for retailers and Aunt Bessie’s was born. From that moment, Aunt Bessie’s has gone from strength to strength, with its core offering expanding into desserts, potato and vegetable products, becoming one of the nation’s most recognisable food brands. Aunt Bessie’s has become such an essential of British freezers and store cupboards that Delia Smith chose to use their Homestyle Mashed Potato in her book “How to Cheat at Cooking” for use in a shepherd’s pie, and Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings remain so popular that their factory in Hull produces half a billion a year to keep up with demand. As consumer’s tastes change, Aunt Bessie’s has diversified alongside them. Continuing to innovate, the company’s product range now encompasses a number of Sweet Potato products and their new Vegetable Chips, meaning that Aunt Bessie’s will continue to be a staple of British mealtimes [for years to come].

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